Crue-Red de Bibliotecas REBIUN Institutional Repository

Welcome to the Spanish Academic Libraries Network Institutional Repository, whose main goal is to become a digital store or archive aimed to preserve and disseminate the documents issued from REBIUN institutional activity, generated by its various Committees and Working Groups.


Studies and Reports

Descriptive, state-of- the-art documents about different topics related to Scientific and University libraries.

Guidelines and recommendations

Guiding documents, intended to serve as orientation for Spanish Scientific and University libraries in a wide range of topics.

Guides and Manuals

Explanatory documents dealing with different areas that can be consulted to help Spanish Scientific and University libraries in their activities.

Planning, organization and statistics

Internal Operative and strategic planning documents, Result reports about REBIUN’s activity as well as data and indicators from all the member libraries.


Documents presented during the different meetings, workshops or any other events organised by REBIUN.


Documents of general interest produced by member libraries.

Infographics and other graphic matetrials

Visual documents containing differetn information such as guidelines, data, statements...

Videos, Audiovisuals

This collection holds materials created by REBIUN working groups as well as recordings of REBIUN’s events, such as workshops, conferences or meetings.



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